Child Day Care for 3 YEAR OLDS

  • Teachers will greet the children each day and provide affection & support.
  • Teachers repeatedly give guidance to the children and provide a safe environment with careful supervision.
  • Opportunities are available for the children to play by themselves or with a small group.
  • Teachers will communicate with parents on a regular basis, sharing information about their child.
  • Children have both an indoor and outdoor play area available for exploratory activities and large muscle play.
  • Plenty of materials and time for the children are provided to let them explore and learn about the environment.
  • Many opportunities and materials are provided for children to develop fine motor skills (beads for string, pegboards, art materials such as crayons, paint brushes and scissors).
  • Children are supported developing independence.
  • Teachers will help them when needed and allow them to do what they are capable of doing for themselves.
  • A computer center will offer age appropriate learning games.
  • Teachers encourage children’s developing language by speaking clearly and frequently to individual children and listening to their responses.


The Ivy League
5225 S. 16th St. / Ste A
Lincoln Nebraska 68512
(402) 423-1919