Child Day Care for TODDLERS

  • Teachers greet the children & parents warmly & enthusiastically every day.
  • Each child’s day includes lots of teacher-child contact.
  • Toddlers are given a wide variety of appropriate art media and given the opportunity to explore & manipulate the materials.
  • Teachers are supportive the children as they acquire more skills.
  • Children learn about the world around them through regular routine tasks.
  • Age appropriate activities are planned for the children.
  • Diaper changing, toilet learning, eating & other routines will be viewed as learning experiences.
  • Teachers play with the children - modeling for them how to play imaginatively.
  • Each day, children have opportunities for exploratory activities & large muscle play, both in the indoor & outdoor play area.
  • Each day has a set routine for the children’s security, but time schedules will be flexible & dictated by the children’s needs.
  • Teachers will send home daily toddler sheets with parents, as well as communicating daily with parents, sharing any pertinent information about the child.


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