Child Day Care for INFANTS

  • The infant curriculum is based on developing positive relationships in the growth and development of the children.
  • Teachers greet infants & parents warmly & enthusiastically each day.
  • Infants learn by experiencing the environment through their senses - seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, & feeling.
  • Teachers recognize that infants are individuals whose needs vary from moment to moment.
  • Teachers respond to the infants’ needs so they develop a trust in their caregiver and feel secure in their environment.
  • Toys encouraging children interaction are provided.
  • Infants receive quality, one-on-one time with teachers, who read, sing to them & play peek-a- boo.
  • Infants will interact with art materials in their own way.
  • Teachers’ plan age appropriate activities for children.
  • (ex. head lifting, exercising legs, sticky ball roll – and many more).
  • Infant reports are sent home with the parents on a daily basis.
  • This report includes pertinent information about the infant’s day (feeding, diaper changes, sleeping times).




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Lincoln Nebraska 68512
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