Child Day Care for SCHOOL AGE KIDS

  • Learning centers are designed for children to learn through play and active involvement – manipulatives, block play, creative art, dramatic play, science and math, singing, and listening to music, games and puzzles.
  • The needs of the children will be met through an environment that provides many opportunities for exploration and independent choice.
  • Children will have their own special school-age “club-house”.
  • The program is flexible, with challenging and fun experiences.
  • A computer center will offer a variety of learning games and activities.
  • Children’s experiences will be enhanced through field trips.
  • Children have ample opportunities for large muscle activities – both indoor and outdoor play areas are provided with parachute play, basketball, jump ropes, play structures and more.
  • A variety of activities will help develop positive social skills.
  • Children will have opportunities to explore and investigate.
  • Children can enjoy a variety of art media available for their creative expression.
  • Teachers will communicate with parents on a daily basis.
  • A variety of board and card games will encourage socialization skills.
  • Transportation to and from schools in the area is provided.
  • The summer camp program will provide fun and exciting activities and special field trips.


The Ivy League
5225 S. 16th St. / Ste A
Lincoln Nebraska 68512
(402) 423-1919